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Have you done anything to ensure you comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995? This has now been repealed and replaced by the Equality Act 2010 which still covers the same duties to service providers (if you run a business, are a national or local authority or have an organisation that deals with the general public then that means you)

Talk to us today and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the low cost. Our auditors look at your premises and paperwork. Often all that's needed are simple adjustments like a change of wall colour, a step edge painted, a simple ramp that could be wooden, pre-formed glass-fibre or concrete.

We cover the UK and have experience in a very wide range of buildings and types of buildings. Our reports are text based so that you see clearly what needs to be done and this is re-enforced with information about why. Take a look at some of our past clients below

There are three reasons for having an audit and then implementing the recommendations:

  • You must comply with the legislation. There is a constant stream of cases against service providers. Most are settled out of court but not all.
  • You will get more customers and therefore more sales and profit
  • You might feel a moral obligation 

 Many people think that they have to just cater for wheelchair users but there are 7 different categories of disability that are covered by the legislation. This is quite comprehensive as you can see. Disabilities included have to be permanent or progressive. Breaking an arm, for example, is temporary and not covered under the legislation. 

  • Sensory impairments, such as those affecting sight or hearing;
  • Impairments with fluctuating or recurring effects such as rheumatoid arthritis, myalgic encephalitis (ME)/chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, depression and epilepsy;
  • Progressive, such as motor neurone disease, muscular dystrophy, forms of dementia and lupus (SLE);
  • Organ specific, including respiratory conditions, such as asthma, and cardiovascular diseases, including thrombosis, stroke and heart disease;
  • Developmental, such as autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), dyslexia and dyspraxia;
  • Learning difficulties;
  • Mental health conditions and mental illnesses, such as depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders, bipolar affective disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, as
  • well as personality disorders and some self-harming behaviour;
  • Produced by injury to the body or brain.
If you are considering employing someone who has a disability then you may get some funding or tax relief on the cost of adjustments or removing barriers. We cannot advise you on this.

The biggest fear that most businesses have is that there might be a very high cost implication. This is usually not the case and where costs may be higher than the perceived benefits it may be considered not practical or alternatives might be put in place. Whatever you feel, having an access audit carried out puts you under no obligation to proceed with any recommendations provided you are aware of the consequences,and you may choose to be selective. Remember you cannot claim ignorance if you do not have an audit carried out and then have a legal case brought against you.  

We now have over 12 years experience in disability access auditing and consultancy and are proud to tell you our audits are returned within the agreed timescale written in no nonsense language with pragmatic solutions designed to be low cost where possible. You can see from our past clients that we have a wide range of experience which also includes working on new build where we have had regular meetings from initial outline planning, through architectural and interior design and on-site to final sign-off. We have also acted as expert witnesses. In addition we have worked with businesses in ensuring new disabled staff have sufficient access to carry out their work. 

We can plan emergency evacuation for disabled people and are competent Evacuation Chair trainers. Evacuating disabled people is the responsibility of the management (previously it was the responsibility of the Fire Service) and evacuation plans should be in place. PEEPs, personal emergency evacuation plans should be prepared for each disabled person.  We have supplied evacuation chairs across the UK and now concentrate on the training which should be regularly updated.

Clients include

Royal Academy of Art - Microsoft
NHS Trust Swansea – 2 major hospitals, 4 local hospitals and 25 clinicsand centres
 Companies House: Cardiff, London and Edinburgh 
Hyelms Residential Hotel, Hampstead, London
Welsh Development Agency – Swansea
Rococo Gardens, Painswick
St Edmunsbury Borough Council
Royal College of Surgeon  -  Antur Teifi
Monmouthshire County Council
 Caravan Club of Great Britain  -  Gwent Magistrates’ Courts
Warwickshire Magistrates Courts
Best Western Hotels in Swansea and Newquay
South Wales Magistrates’ Courts
Cleveland Magistrates’ Courts
London Clinic, Harley Street  Clinic
Avon and Somerset  and South Yorkshire Magistrates’ Courts
Welsh Ambulance Service  -   Camping & Caravanning Club
Leicestershire Magistrates’ Courts - North Wales Magistrates’ Courts
Hounslow Magistrates’ Courts  -  Gower Villa Caravan Park
Cheshire Magistrates’ Courts -  Selected schools in Swansea
Wiltshire Magistrates’ Courts  -  Swansea Housing Association
The Royal College of Surgeons
Nottinghamshire & South Wales Police Authorities
All buildings within March District Council
 Gwent and North Wales Police Authorities
Playhouse Theatre, Norwich  -  British Transport Police
St Brendan’s Sixth Form College, Bristol
Types of building audited include:
Libraries, Tourist Information Centres, Magistrates’ Courts, Public Toilets
Polling Stations, Primary and Comprehensive Schools,
Outdoor Activity Centres, Leisure Centres, Camp Sites
Castles & Museums, Mobile Libraries & Playbuses, Drama Centres,
Hotels & Guest Houses, Police Stations, Theatres

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